Daryl Baldwin: Myaamia Center.

The Myaamia Center is a tribal initiative based at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Its purpose is to conduct research for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s language and cultural revitalization programs. Undergraduate and graduate students at Miami University participate in numerous aspects of the Myaamia Center’s work including research and assisting in the development of learning aids.  Currently there are twenty-one Miami Tribal students who also attend Miami University as part of a unique scholarship program called the Miami Heritage Award.  Tribal students meet once a week to learn about their history, language and culture and also participate in ongoing community building initiatives. Due to the Myaamia Center’s involvement with youth programming for the tribal community Center staff have been tracking long-term youth participation over the years and have gathered qualitative data showing positive communal benefits of language and cultural education.


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There are 7,000 languages spoken in the world today… half are projected to disappear in this century.

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