Healing Through Language takes a two-pronged approach to improving health.  It supports language programs throughout Native America by partnering with tribal and other groups working to revitalize heritage languages.  It also supports the assessment of the health benefits of these programs by direct measurement, so that further resources can be made available to the programs.

Language programs have been established in many communities, and some have been going for decades.  But they are still relatively new; there did not need to be such programs when languages were learned from birth in the home.  This is how languages are typically learned, and it is the most complete and efficient way to learn a language.  Through the various combinations of suppression, avoidance and neglect, Native languages have fallen on hard times.  Fortunately, the circumstances that allow a revitalization are now in place, and more and more tribes are taking advantage of them.  The benefits of bilingualism, and of knowing one’s heritage language in particular, are now clear.  Healing Through Language is dedicated to helping these programs succeed, both by direct support and by helping spread the word of what works and what doesn’t in language revitalization.

We are also convinced that the usefulness of language programs is great enough that it can be measured by Western medical standards.  Obtaining evidence of this will open up new avenues of support.  Thus we are eager to do this work.  Several of our first projects will be geared toward validating our convictions in the scientific literature.  We believe that this is an important part of our overall effort.

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There are 7,000 languages spoken in the world today… half are projected to disappear in this century.

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