OUR MISSION Promoting language revitalization as a path to community health and well-being.

Our Work

Health statistics in Native America are among the worst in the world.  One tool for improving health has become apparent in recent years: language.  Communities that maintain their Native language have lower suicide rates.  Elders often find renewed vitality when called upon to help the younger generations recover a language.  Youths in language programs graduate from high school at higher rates than those who take a mainstream language like Spanish.  There are many other, as yet unmeasured benefits that have been claimed for the relatively simple yet powerful mechanism of language programs.  Please help us extend the scope of that benefit by contributing to Healing Through Language.

Our Goals

  • Emphasize that language revitalization programs are more than linguistic efforts – they foster healthier communities
  • Demonstrate this effect through conducting first-hand research
  • Support such projects through grant-making programs

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